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Pregnancy Related Pain

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Therapy For Pregnancy Related Pain

Pregnant mothers experience pain for a variety of reasons and conditions. We can help treat symptoms and causes.

Pregnancy Related Pain

When you are pregnant your body is now ready to carry a baby. In the next few months your body will undergo physical and hormonal changes. Hormones released during your pregnancy will allow the bones in your pelvis to move in order to accommodate your growing baby. As your baby grows so does your belly, causing you to arch your lower back more in order to compensate for the shift in weight forwards. This puts strain on your joints and surrounding soft tissues. Chiropractic treatment can benefit by:

Maintaining correct spinal and pelvic alignment, providing optimal space for your baby.

Help you in achieving a healthier more comfortable pregnancy.

Relieve pain in neck, hips and back.

Provide drug free alternative treatment.

Treatment will start with a full history taking, in order to fully understand where your pregnancy pain is coming from. Treatment consists of a combination of diversified chiropractic and webster techniques to correct spinal and pelvic misalignments as well as soft tissue massage. You will also be given some gentle stretching and strengthening exercises to fully aid you in enjoying a comfortable pregnancy.

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